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Cendré de Lune cheese

Soft surface-ripened cheese, with a fine velvety surface covered in plant ashes. This cheese releases fresh mushroom aromas ending with buttery flavours. Its slow maturation progresses from the outside inwards to develop a perfectly creamy texture. Delicately acidic when young, through ripening it develops hot milk and creamy aromas. 

L'Étoile de Saint-Raymond cheese

The vegetable ashen rind and first-quality milk it is made from give this cheese a farm butter taste of warm milk, where the aromas of freshly churned soil and forest mushrooms mingle. 

L'Évanjules cheese

L’Évanjules is a soft surface-ripened cheese, inspired by the best products from authentic Camembert dairies in Normandy. Its distinctive feature is a very fine, seashell-textured rind in subtle shades of soft white to deep tan that tends to wrinkle as it ripens. Its firm paste ages into a perfectly smooth, runny texture. Its youthful fragrance of fresh bread evolves into the more pungent, but still delicate aroma of hay, while its initial slightly acidic milk taste melts into a spicy hint of honey. 

La Sauvagine cheese

La Sauvagine is a cow milk cheese with a moist and supple rind that ripens from the outside in; runny ivory body; fresh butter taste with a hint of mushrooms; melts in the mouth and is flavourful; culminating with a rustic taste. 

La Sauvagine Réserve cheese

La Sauvagine Réserve is exclusively crafted by cheese artisans. Smooth and unctuous don’t even begin to describe this jewel in the crown, heightened by the addition of fresh dairy cream. Its texture exceeds the exquisite, with a delicate rind revealing an enchanting rustic essence. 

Lady Laurier cheese

Lady Laurier is a soft, surface-ripened cheese with a bloomy rind. This unique-tasting cheese offers a rich, creamy, and unctuous texture that releases subtle notes of flowers and sweet bread. Naturally, Lady Laurier is the perfect complement to its male counterpart, Sir Laurier. Place this couple side by side on your next cheese plate. 

Petit Rubis cheese

Petit Rubis is a soft surface-ripened washed rind cheese. It features a thin, bloomy rind when young that develops with age. The red edible casein stamp denotes its authenticity. Young, its subtle taste offers hints of fresh bread. Fully ripened, the taste is rich, typical of mountain cheese; raw milk and ripe cream flavours blend in beautifully with floral and hazelnut notes. It is just as good for cooking as it is at the end of a meal.   

Le Reflet de Portneuf cheese

Le Reflet de Portneuf presents an exquisite harmony of tastes arising from the subtle earthiness of mushrooms seamlessly blended into dairy-fresh cream and butter, then ripened to a state of absolute epicurean bliss. 

Le Saint-Raymond cheese

Orangey-red, hardly moist rind; unctuous and supple ivory body that melts in the mouth; a hazelnut taste accompanied by a woody, fruity touch that lingers nicely in the mouth. 

Sir Laurier cheese

A pioneer in the category of soft ripened washed rind cheese, the Sir Laurier features a slightly wrinkled, shiny rind of a more or less reddish colour, depending on the ripening stage. This creamy, smooth, light beige cheese becomes even more supple when served at the height of its maturity, and exudes an expansive, penetrating aroma that is both full and clean. Its full-bodied flavour literally melts in your mouth. This delicious treat of a cheese is sure to delight you.