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Our Cheese winner  at Sélection Caseus Contest 2016

Published: October 14th 2016 

The Sélection Caseus contest features this delectable and tasty food that is cheese, hence the Latin word "caseus" (meaning cheese in Latin).
The cheeses are prepared with heart by the cheesemakers from here, in Quebec. This competition serves to highlight and reward the effort of these flavors creators that revive our taste buds.

Every year, the Quebec cheesemakers are invited to enter the contest by submitting their best creations. Both small and large cheese plant can get involved in the competition.
A jury made of a group of experts pronounce themselves on more than one hundred twenty cheeses included in registration classes. The cheeses are carefully scrutinized and judged based on the following criteria: appearance, aroma, texture, flavor and taste. The only conditions to enter the contest are that the cheese must be completely produced in Quebec and available for sale to consumers.

To determine the winners of each class, the jury agrees on the three cheeses that stand out for their merit and their quality. This allow them to grant three rewards in each category: the Caseus Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Thus, we are proud to announce that once again this year, our cheese was awarded during the Selection Caseus awards that took place in Quebec City in early September.

In the category Soft Washed Rind Cheeses, the Sauvagine won Caseus Gold.