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Make a delicious discovery

There’s just something about our cheese that gets people excited. Maybe it’s a new recipe you can’t wait to try. It could be a particularly sublime pairing idea. Perhaps it’s the artfully composed cheese plate you’ll serve at your cocktail party. Discover the many opportunities you have to be passionate about our cheeses—and the different ways you can be deliciously inspired every day.    

Beer & Cheese

Some pairings are just tastier than others! Check out our video which curates delicious beer and cheese match-ups that are sure to make your mouth water.

The Perfect Cheese Platter

Need inspiration for your next cheese platter? Follow this video and be sure to impress!

Taste Profiles

Discover our innovative navigation system that will allow you to easily identify and pick the perfect cheese: the taste profiles!

ask our cheese expert

Our Cheese Expert answers all the questions you may have...

Hosting Made Easy!

Expecting a group? Here are three delicious ideas to ensure that simplicity, originality, and fun are at the top of the menu.

New Flavours!

Break away from the usual crackers and cheese with our innovative combinations!

build a cheese platter that's right for you

Discover how to create classic combinations and unexpected pairings for your next get-together.


Discover all the ways you can get creative with our cheeses.