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Brie is a cheese with a bloomy white rind and a supple body. Its light smell calls butter and mushrooms to mind and it has a slightly fruity taste.

Double cream Brie are traditional bries where milkfat is added to give them a creamier and softer taste.

Triple cream Bries are made with cow milk where cream is added before the coagulation. They are known for their rich, creamy and generous body.

Brie d'Alexis
Double Cream Brie Cheese

Double cream Brie with a supple, melting body and fresh-nut aroma. 

brie coco
Triple Cream Brie Cheese

An unctuous triple cream cheese with a light mushroom, nut-flavoured bloomy rind, a slight hint of salt, and a touch of wonderful coconut flavour. 

brie de portneuf
Brie Cheese

Regular Brie with a white, bloomy rind; supple body; slightly fruity. 

Double Cream Brie de Portneuf 
Double Cream Brie Cheese

Our delicate and natural double cream Brie cheese with a white rind has a melting and unctuous body and a fresh nut aroma.

brise du matin
Double Cream Brie Cheese

Featuring a buttery hazelnut taste that becomes more pronounced with age, this double cream Brie cheese has a creamy body that is covered in a smooth, tender rind. Wonderful for frittatas, quiches, sandwiches, and lasagna.

Brise du Matin light
Dairy Product

Cow milk cheese with a smooth and tender rind covering a creamy body; fresh butter, mushroom, and hazelnut taste; more pronounced with age. 

Cendré de Lune
Ash Covered Triple Cream Brie Cheese

Soft surface-ripened cheese, with a fine velvety surface covered in plant ashes. This cheese releases fresh mushroom aromas ending with buttery flavours. Its slow maturation progresses from the outside inwards to develop a perfectly creamy texture. Delicately acidic when young, through ripening it develops hot milk and creamy aromas. 

L'Étoile de Saint-Raymond
Ash Covered Triple Cream Brie Cheese

The vegetable ash-covered rind and first-quality milk it is made from give our triple cream Brie cheese a taste of farm butter and warm milk, where the aromas of freshly churned soil and forest mushrooms mingle.

Lady Laurier
Triple Cream Brie Cheese

This unique-tasting cheese offers a rich, creamy, and unctuous texture that releases subtle notes of flowers and sweet bread. Naturally, Lady Laurier is the perfect complement to its male counterpart, Sir Laurier. Place this couple side by side on your next cheese plate. 

*2021 Bronze in its category - International Cheese and Dairy Awards