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Camembert is a soft-bodied cheese with a taste of butter, nut and corn, which is appreciated by all cheese lovers. Try it with a fresh baguette and seasonal fresh fruits or jam.

camembert de portneuf
Double Cream Camembert Cheese

Cheese with a delicate rind; creamy and supple; melting, fragrant, traditional flavour. 

camembert des camarades
Double Cream Camembert Cheese

Soft Camembert with a fresh butter, nut, and almond taste. 

le calendos
Double Cream Camembert Cheese

Soft-bodied cheese, ripened surface, and covered with a beautiful white rind; with age, it becomes more full-flavoured and gains a more distinct aroma. Supple, homogeneous, creamy yellow body. Smooth and velvety.