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It's time to bring beer and cheese to the next level. Whether with friends or at a family get together, these pairings will be sure to strike up a conversation and are likely to please all palates alike. 

Featured Alexis de Portneuf cHEESES

Firm Surface Ripened Cheese with Washed Rind

Cantonnier is a firm cheese, uncooked and surface ripened with a washed rind. It distinguishes itself with its effervescent flavour, reminiscent of fruity cream and fresh apples.

Paillot de Chèvre
Semi-Soft Surface Ripened Goat Cheese

Ripened goat cheese created from lactic curds and according to traditional techniques. This cheese is balanced, flavourful, and acidulous.

La Sauvagine
Soft Surface Ripened Cheese with Washed Rind

La Sauvagine is a cow milk cheese with a moist and supple rind that ripens from the outside in; runny ivory body; fresh butter taste with a hint of mushrooms; melts in the mouth and is flavourful; culminating with a rustic taste. 

Soft Surface Ripened Blue-Veined Cheese

This ivory-coloured cheese is delicately laced with blue and covered in a white coat. Cheese lovers of all kinds will relish its creamy texture and mild taste.