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Nous tenons à vous assurer que nous poursuivons notre engagement à fournir aux consommateurs des produits sûrs et de haute qualité. À ce titre, nous suivons de près l’évolution rapide de la situation relative au nouveau coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Plan Your Perfect Cheese Event

Our experts can help you construct cheese platters to suit any situation. Shape your menu to meet your tastes, style, and interests.

Pairing Chocolate & Cheese

Chocolate and cheese….two indulgent foods that are wonderful together. The acidic and nutty notes found in cheese complement the sweet and tannic flavour of cacao. We recommend pairing dark chocolate (with at least 50% cacao) with cheese because milk chocolate is slightly sweet. However, there are no specific rules when it comes to pairing cheese with chocolate—you just need an open mind. So let your taste buds guide you, and have fun. Serve some dry sparkling wine, water, and plain crackers, and a basket of fresh bread so that guests can cleanse their palates between tastings.

Dark Chocolate (65% Cacao)

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meteorite cheese

This mellow, creamy, blue-veined, ash-covered surface-ripened cheese has a delicate blue taste. Its creamy and supple texture is unique. 

Dark Chocolate (70% Cacao)

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caronzola cheese

This ivory-coloured cheese is delicately laced with blue and covered in a white coat. Cheese lovers of all kinds will relish its creamy texture and mild taste. 

Spicy Dark Chocolate

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Bleubry cheese

A smooth version of the blue cheeses; frank and delicate; creamy, not too salty; a product of the marriage between brie and blue cheeses. 

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

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Chèvre Des Neiges cheese

Goat and cow milk cheese with a fresh body; soft to the touch and mild.