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Plan Your Perfect Cheese Event

Our experts can help you construct cheese platters to suit any situation. Shape your menu to meet your tastes, style, and interests.

A Meal Cheese Event

The tasting meal requires more planning and organization than the other tastings. But it allows guests to taste cheeses in the ideal order, accompanied by wine that is better suited to each cheese. One to three increasingly full-bodied cheeses are paired with an appropriate wine for each of the four courses. We recommend serving one or two cheeses per type, and 300 g per person.

First Course

The first course should include 35% of the total amount of cheese, when guests will likely have the biggest appetites. Goat cheese and a triple cream cheese are usually served in the first course. Suggested Wine: Chardonnay

Second Course

The second course should include 30% of the total amount of cheese, usually regular and double cream soft cheese. Suggested Wine: Pinot Noir

Third Course

The third course should include 25% of the total amount of cheese, usually washed rind and firm cheese. Suggested Wines: Sangiovese and Syrah

Fourth Course

The final course should include 10% of the total cheese amount, usually blue cheese and strong firm cheeses. Suggested Wines: Aged Cabernet Sauvignon (5 Years or More) and Porto